To order trees please download the price list pdf. 

You can call, fax or mail us your orders.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Information on ordering and our digging protocols

*    Orders are confirmed on a first received - first filled basis.  We do our best to honor the delivery date specified at the time of order.

*    If you are a new customer, a 25% deposit will be required to confirm your order.
*    Live trees are dug with a hydraulic spade, placed in burlap, and secured in a wire basket. Unless otherwise specified, trees are dug with root balls as per USDA and ISA standards.  There may be an additional charge for trees dug to a different specification.

4' trees are placed in a 20" basket, 5' trees in a 22" basket, 6' trees in a 24" basket, 7' trees in a 26" basket, and 8' trees in a 28" basket.

*    Live trees are dug to order as weather conditions permit for spring planting beginning in mid March and for fall planting beginning in early September.

*  Trees are sold FOB the farm. 

Pricing for number two and construction grade trees is available.  Please call for those prices.  Numbers for these trees are limited.

We look forward to helping you with your dug tree needs for this fall.

Bryon and Mary Young

We have some larger Colorado spruce, Norway spruce, and White Pine for sale on a “customer dig themselves” basis.  Price is negotiable.  Trees are located in an area that is easily accessible to the road.  These are trees that have been cared for and are in good shape.